When You’re Trying To Be Productive But You Have Cats


Cat Life Meets Author Life

Me at desk trying to write.
Whirring noise irritating me. “Shoot, I need to refill the dog fountain before it starts whistling and screeching.”
Gets up from desk. Walks toward kitchen.
Sees cat with tampons in her mouth.
Chases cat down and removes said tampon. Minimal scratches, yet maximum cursing occur.
Investigates where tampon came from, because I taped the damn box up yesterday to avoid this exact situation from repeating.
Can’t find source of cat chewed tampons. Box is still taped. There’s a mystery source of tampons in my house somewhere.
Frustrated. Now needs more coffee. Makes coffee.
Walks around house in circles sipping coffee wondering why I got up in the first place and what I’m forgetting.
Washes a dish. Wipes the counter. Gives evil eye to cat. Still can’t remember what I was supposed to do.
20 min laters, goes to sit back at desk and write because #2booksin2months yall. #thestruggleisreal
“Oh, shit, I had to refill the dog water fountain.”
Gets up and goes to dog water fountain and FINDS A DAMN TAMPON IN IT and now I’m chasing the cat again and the fountain is still screeching and I’m seconds away from switching from coffee to wine.
On a separate note, cat for sale.
As in, I’ll pay you to take her.
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