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The Kavanagh’s Are Officially On Audio

Breaking a Legend is officially available on audio today! Eeks!! To celebrate, I’ll be posting something fun in my Facebook Fan Club, so join to see what’s happening!

In the meantime, grab your own copy of Breaking a Legend on audio today! There’s tons of options, so check out what works best for you! Also, I have no idea why the prices vary so wildly, sorry about that! They’re all the same, except the CD’s are actual CD’s and the others are audio files.

Amazon Audio CD ($24.99): Purchase here
Amazon Audible (1 credit or $18.61): Purchase here or here
Tantor Audio CD ($30.39 + shipping): Purchase here
Tantor MP3-CD ($12.50): Purchase here
iTunes/iBooks ($22.95): Purchase here
*prices as of 9/6/16, may be subject to change

If you haven’t already, check out my interview with the Kavanagh’s narrator, Chuck Constant, here!

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Don’t Forget to Preorder the Upcoming Kavanagh Audiobooks!

Breaking a Legend on Audio – NOW LIVE!
Saving a Legend on Audio – Coming Oct 18, 2016
Becoming a Legend on Audio – Coming Dec 13, 2016

Breaking a Legend is already available as a digital e-book, so grab it today and you wont have to wait. Purchase it here!

Breaking a Legend_Robinson-2

So, is Saving a Legend! Grab the ebook of that here!

FINAL Saving a Legend Cover

You can preorder the digital ebook of Becoming a Legend now, because it releases on the same day as the audio! Check it out here.

Becoming a Legend_Robinson



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