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Writing, and then publishing, is hard AF. There are a million manuals and how-tos, but none of them are going to be 100% perfect for you. All we can do is try our hardest, be always learning, and lean on each other for support.

“Thanks for the encouragement, Sarah. That did not make me feel better.
Yeah, well, I told you writing is tough.

However, I am going to try and make it a little bit easier with this page! I’ll be constantly updating it with my favorite resources and tools, and hopefully, it’ll help you on your journey through writing and publishing. Keep in mind that I’m a romance and/or contemporary fiction writer, so most of my tips are centered around those genres!


What To Do

Nicholas Sparks Says… You guys, there is seriously an entire section on Nicholas Sparks’ website with advice for writers. Read it.

Write Naked. No, really. NY Times Bestseller Jennifer Probst explains how to turn a passion for writing into a career.

Self-Publishing is Hard as Hell. This guide gives you the naked truth (is that a theme here?) from a group of authors and professionals who know their shit.

So you wanna write… Bestselling romance author Jessica Lemmon breaks it all down for you, including her own series of how-to writing blogs. Must read.

Interested in Writing? Alessandra Torre can help. Everything from copyrighting to keywords, this New York Times bestselling author explains it all.

I Need To Hold It In My Hands… Well, then these Archetype cards are the perfect solution–pick 2 or 3 to create a complex character with internal/external conflicts, plus a deep seated issue from their past!

How Screenwriting can help your book writing… Blake Snyder wrote a book called “Save the Cat” for screenwriters, but it’s invaluable to book writers as well. After all, telling a good story isn’t just for the big screen.

On Writing, by Stephen King… Need I say more?

Let’s Get Down to the Nuts & Bolts…Chuck Palahniuk did that on LitReactor with a ton of essays and magazine articles for writers.

When She Talks, You Listen… Lauren Layne breaks down her tips on how to be a full-time author and more. I love her, and you need to read it. Scroll down to the “On Writing” section.

I’ll keep adding more here as I come across it 🙂 

What Not To Do

You’re in luck! I have a whole blog series on this that I’m constantly updating with new advice from bestselling authors. It’s called “Things I Wish I Knew When I First Published: A Blog Series for Writers About Mistakes We’ve Made & Want You To Avoid.

Here’s a few favorites below:
(or click HERE to see the entire series in real time!)

My mistakes…and boy, are there many. Advice on bad reviews, making author friends, and why authors need to be nerds.

#1 New York Times Bestseller Rachel van Dyken comes clean on her biggest mistakes and insecurities from when she first started.

More blog articles with advice from other authors coming soon! 

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