About the Kavanagh Family

This page contains spoilers for the entire series, including couples names and futures. If you don’t like spoilers, navigate away now!

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Kavanagh Legends Reading Order

#1: Breaking a Legend – Rory & Clare
#2: Saving a Legend – Kieran & Fiona
#3: Becoming a Legend – Kane & Nora
#3.5: Rory & Clare: A Short Story
#4: Chasing a Legend – Quinn & Kiera
#5: Kavanagh Christmas – All

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In The Future…

Above is a list of the couples featured in the Kavanagh Legends series, but the family tree below is a comprehensive look at everyone–including children, grandparents, and more! You might need to zoom in to read it all, but most of it is also written below the tree.


Patriarch/ Father: Seamus Kavanagh
Matriarch/ Mother: Diedre “Dee” Kavanagh

Oldest Son: Rory Kavanagh, Business Owner (son of Seamus & Dee Kavanagh)
Wife: Clare Ivers, Veterinarian
Children: Murphy (son), Brontë (daughter), Ciara (daughter), and Eve (daughter)

Second Son: Kieran Kavanagh, Legends Gym Manager (son of Seamus & Dee Kavanagh, Kane’s twin)
Wife: Fiona Doherty, Florist
Children: Shea Doherty (Fiona’s little sister, adopted by Kieran & Fiona), Gavin (son), and Grace (daughter)

Third Son: Kane Kavanagh, Retired MMA Fighter (son of Seamus & Dee Kavanagh, Kieran’s twin)
Wife: Nora Hannigan, Psychologist
Children: Became foster parents to children in need instead of having their own.

Fourth Son: Quinn Kavanagh, Artist (son of Seamus & Dee Kavanagh)
Wife: Kiera Finley, Physical Therapist (daughter of Patricia Finley and stepfather, Dr. Jay Prentiss)
Children: Daniel (son), Olive (daughter), John (son), and Ryan (son)

Youngest Son: Jimmy Kavanagh, NYPD Police Captain (son of Seamus & Dee Kavanagh)
Wife: Sophie Conroy, Criminal Justice Professor at Columbia University
Children: Ava Conroy (Sophie’s daughter from an earlier relationship, later adopted by Jimmy), Matthew and Michael (twin sons)

Cousin/Adopted Daughter: Casey Kavanagh, Sports Journalist & Broadcaster (daughter of Murphy & Elle Kavanagh, Seamus’ brother)
Husband: Flynn Gallagher, Sports Agent
Children: Elle Gallagher (daughter)

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