My 4-Yr Anniversary as a Published Author!


Four years ago today, I published my very first novel. Her Forbidden Rockstar released with Hearts Collective, a small press publisher, and since then I’ve released with small presses, self-published, and signed with a Big 5 (Penguin Random House). I have more contracts and exciting news on the way that I haven’t even announced yet.

In these 4 years, I’ve published a total of 12 books (right? I can’t math.), and written several more to be published in the future. I’ve signed with my amazing agent, Nicole Resciniti at The Seymour Agency, and I’ve attended multiple writer’s conferences, book signings, book clubs and more. I’ve met in real life, and online, dozens of new friends in authors, bloggers, and readers.

I’m so honored to live this life, and it just goes to show that life can change so quickly. Before this, I was a therapist and burned out from 8 years of grad school and multiple graduate degrees. I felt no pull toward anything and had no idea what I wanted out of life. Until I decided to do something “irresponsible” and “crazy” and just write for a living. Now I make just as much a year as I ever did at a desk job, and it’s growing every year. Plus, I enjoy every moment of my life. It’s amazing.

Your dream is only a decision away. Go for it.

That’s what I did, and I’m so grateful that I did. In these last 4 years, I found my people. I found my home. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms.

I adore you all, and I’m never looking back. 



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