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COVER & BLURB REVEAL: Bare, A Hollywood Romance


A seductive standalone follow-up to the hit Hollywood romance, NUDES by Sarah Robinson—praised by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely as “Passionate, emotional and uplifting!”—about the younger Reynolds sister whose career in film choreography strips her bare when she meets the man of her dreams…again.

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Reed Scott is the hottest actor in LA…
Being a Hollywood heartthrob has its perks, and I’ve damn sure enjoyed every one of them, both on and off the silver screen. The tabloids loved every second of exploiting my privacy, chronicling my mistakes in ink for the whole world to see. Accepting the lead role in a romantic dance film was guaranteed to make me a box office hit and help me rewrite my image…until the choreographer hired to train me turned out to be the only woman I’d ever loved and lost.

As beautiful and enticing as ever, Tegan walks in and reminds me of the worst mistake I’ve ever made. She should hate me, and now she has the power to destroy everything I am.

Tegan Reynolds is picking up the pieces…
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…never going to happen. I fell in love with Reed Scott once and it nearly killed me—literally. The last thing I want to do now is teach him how to dance, but I need this job and there’s no way I’m letting him take yet another thing away from me.

Reed is in my world now, and this time we’re dancing by my rules.

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Read the First Book in the Series for Only $0.99 This Week Only!

 Grab a copy of NUDES: A Hollywood Romance now to read about Aria Rose, the oldest Reynold’s sister! The best part? This week, it’s only $0.99! Grab it here.

COVER REVEAL: Kavanagh Christmas (Kavanagh Legends, #5)


How GORGEOUS is the cover of the Kavanagh Legends holiday novella? Thank you to Cassy Roop at Pink Ink Designs for this masterpiece! I can’t think of a better way to say goodbye to this series I’ve loved so much then with this heartfelt holiday story.

The last book in the highly rated Kavanagh Legends series, Kavanagh Christmas, will go live on Tuesday, November 7th, 2017. This book will focus on all the Kavanagh siblings, and their significant others, plus give a glimpse into what lies ahead for the Kavanagh family!

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The heartfelt holiday conclusion to the Kavanagh Legends family saga revisits all the couples that readers have fallen in love with throughout the series. An angsty and loving Christmas novella, it’s the perfect goodbye to these Irish MMA fighters and a glimpse into what the future holds for them.

With the Christmas season fast approaching, the entire Kavanagh family is feeling anything but the holiday spirit. Commitments are questioned, relationships are tense, and bickering is nonstop.

However, when a crisis strikes and the family realizes that they might lose one of their own, they’ll come together to remember the reason for the season is first, and foremost, love and family.



“Fans of Lori Foster’s SBC Fighters series will love the MMA atmosphere of [Sarah] Robinson’s Legends.”—Library Journal

“This endearing story showcases Keira and Quinn’s easy banter, familiar warmth, and unquenchable heat.” – Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review, on Chasing a Legend

“One of my favorite MMA books to date.”—#1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken, on Breaking a Legend

“Those Kavanaghs really know how to make a girl swoon.”—New York Times bestselling author Katy Evans

“Saving a Legend is a gripping and sexy MMA romance with characters you’ll be rooting for long after you finish reading. Buckle your seatbelts and get ready for one amazing and hot story from Sarah Robinson.”—New York Times bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills, on Saving a Legend

“Raw, sexy, and romantic, Becoming a Legend is another perfect, steamy read about the heartwarming Kavanaghs.”—Kate Meader, author of the Hot in Chicago series, on Becoming a Legend


In the meantime, read the first four books in the series, plus the free short story, here!


COVER REVEAL: Nudes, A Hollywood Romance

EXPOSED MAY 22, 2017

NUDES: A Hollywood Romance is a standalone contemporary romance that will release on May 22, 2017 at a special release price and preorder price of only $0.99! This novel will raise to $4.99 after the first week of release.

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Praised by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely, as “Passionate, emotional and uplifting!”, contemporary romance author Sarah Robinson brings readers a new standalone novel set in the glamorous hills of Hollywood and tackling challenging themes like the intersection of sexuality and female empowerment.

Ben Lawson is making a comeback…
After a few tabloid headlines, they think they know me. They don’t know a damn thing.  As CEO of a movie production company, I’ll show them who I really am when we hit it big at the box office. My ex thought her smear tactics would ruin me, but I’m unbreakable. Rising from the debris, I swore I’d never let a woman distract me like that again. But then, my leading actress walked on the set and changed everything.

Seductive, sexy, and unapologetic, Aria Rose could break me. I wanted to help her, protect her…love her.

Instead, I destroyed her.

Aria Rose is baring it all….
I knew better.  I knew not to trust another Hollywood heartthrob with a reputation like his. He was my boss and became my ruin. I should have stayed far away from him. Ben Lawson promised me the world.  He even promised me his heart.

But he destroyed everything–my heart, my career, us.


“Passionate, emotional and uplifting!” – Lauren Blakely, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

“Favorited on Twitter.” Yes, really. – Actor Chad Michael Murray

“A hot, sexy, and addictive romance with a message that needs to be heard. Just the kind of book I like!” – BJ Harvey, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Hot sex, a love story that tugged at my heart, and a socially conscious message that advocates for women everywhere.” – Kim Loraine, Author of the Golden Beach novels

“Steamy and sweet with just the right message! I LOVED this book.” – Elise Faber, Author

“I absolutely loved every single word. The chemistry between Ben and Aria was off the charts hot. A strong heroine is a rare thing to see, and I’m super glad Aria was a heroic one.” – Author J.L. Baldwin

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Fun Fact: You can read the unedited Prologue and Chapter 1 of NUDES in the back of Not a Hero: A Bad Boy Marine Romance ebook! Go grab a copy!


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BLOGGERS: Get Nude with The Rockstars of Romance ;)

Calling All Bloggers!

Nudes is going live on May 22nd, and our bloggers are the biggest help to getting it out there! You all have done amazing work spreading the news about my books in the past, so here I am, asking you again! Please join!

The Rockstars of Romance is hosting the Cover Reveal and Blurb Reveal of NUDES on April 12, 2017, and the Blog Tour from May 22nd-26th, 2017!

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I can’t wait for you to see this cover! It’s AMAZING. Drop dead, gorgeous! 🙂

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Big thank you to The Rockstars of Romance for hosting these events! You guys are amazing! Thank you!


COVER REVEAL: Chasing a Legend, Kavanagh Legends #4

Cover Reveal & Blurb Announcement!

I’m so excited to announce the beautiful cover and blurb reveal for the 4th Kavanagh Legends novel! Check out that GORGEOUS cover above–isn’t it just perfection? Hello, Quinn!

The fourth book in the highly rated Kavanagh Legends series, Chasing a Legend, will go live on August 22nd, 2017. It can be read separately, or in order, with the rest of the series! This book focuses on Quinn Kavanagh, whose fight is in the studio, not the ring.

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Those are some handsome brothers!

About Chasing a Legend:

The most soulful Kavanagh brother tackles the challenge of a lifetime—with a little help from the girl of his dreams.
“Fans of Lori Foster’s SBC Fighters series will love the MMA atmosphere of [Sarah] Robinson’s Legends.”—Library Journal

A topnotch manager and agent, Quinn Kavanagh pictures a life outside of his family’s renowned MMA gym. Beneath his sleek exterior, Quinn has a secret passion for sculpting. But after a nearly fatal motorcycle accident, he’s struggling just to walk again, let alone get back to the studio—and it doesn’t help that the doctor in charge of his physical therapy is his childhood crush. Quinn’s always ready for a fight, but the bittersweet sting of unrequited love has him begging for mercy.

Dr. Kiera Finley is determined to make her medical residency a success. Six years ago, she gave in and shared a single passionate night with Quinn. Now she’s just hoping the cocky lover from her past doesn’t derail her plans for the future. Little by little, though, Kiera gets to know another side of Quinn. She knew he was a family man, devoted to his parents and brothers, but he’s also a free spirit trapped in a cage—and only she has the key. To heal both Quinn’s body and soul, Kiera’s tempted to give him a special kind of medicine.

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In the meantime, grab the first three books in the series (BREAKING A LEGEND (the oldest Kavanagh brother, Rory), SAVING A LEGEND (the oldest twin brother, Kieran), or BECOMING A LEGEND (the youngest twin brother, Kane)!

All 3 books are live and receiving rave reviews.

Kavanagh Legends 3 Book Collage


COMING OCT 4th: Not a Hero, A Marine Romance (Brand New Standalone)


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I’m so excited to announce that I’m publishing my 7th indie book soon (9th published book total, and 11th book written!)! Eeks! I’m so excited to dip back into my roots, and bring you all a story I’ve been wanting to finish for so long. This story is not easy, and it’s subject matter is slightly dark, but it’s full of passion and characters you’re going to remember.

For the time being, this novel is going to be exclusive to Amazon Kindle for at least the first 90 days of release, but possibly longer. This means that it’s available to anyone who has the Kindle App (you can get it on any smart phone, tablet, computer, or a Kindle tablet!) and if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can get it FREE!

Last, but not least, this novel is a full-length standalone romance with graphic content and is going to be $2.99 during the preorder period and the first 2-ish weeks of release. After that, the price will rise, so if you’d like it, grab it now!

Thanks for giving this book a chance, and once you read it, please remember to leave a review!


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This novel is available FREE on Kindle Unlimited, and is currently only available in the Amazon Kindle store.

From the bestselling author of the Kavanagh Legends MMA series, Sarah Robinson’s Not A Hero is an emotional standalone military romance where love battles trauma, and there can only be one victor.

Ex-Marine, Miles Kydd, is trying to readjust to civilian life after ending his career and returning to his small home town when he learned his father was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Once the town hero and star quarterback, Miles no longer feels like the man he was, or who he’s expected to be—possibly because his demons have followed him home from Afghanistan.

Meeting Zoe Brooke, his father’s live-in nurse, gives Miles the slightest glimmer of hope that he can still find happiness despite the dark secrets he holds inside. The chemistry between them is undeniable, and together they are explosive—in more ways than one.

A helper at her core, Zoe is more than willing to care for Miles’s heart, but not at the expense of her own, and she’s not afraid to tell him that. She knows what having a painful past is like, and she wants to help him with his, if he’ll let her.

Things get complicated fast when Miles realizes burying his secrets isn’t actually the same as healing from them and if he wants the girl, he’s going to have to tell her the truth—the one thing he can’t do.

This book is suggested for 18+ years of age, contains graphic content, sensitive subject matters, and sexually explicit material.

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Not a Hero: A Marine Romance




COVER REVEAL: Becoming a Legend (Kavanagh Legends, Book 3)

Cover Reveal Book 3 w Date


I’m so excited to reveal the cover for the third book in the Kavanagh Legend series, BECOMING A LEGEND. This book revolves around the third son, Kane Kavanagh, and his quest for fame and glory as he climbs the ranks in the world of MMA Fighting. You’ve read about his continued success in his brother’s books, and now he’s facing off at the National Championship. More than ever he needs to concentrate and stay focused on his training, but someone very close to home keeps distracting him… and it may just be worth it.

From the author of Saving a Legend (“A deep and moving story about family, acceptance, and love.”—Katy Evans) comes another smoldering MMA romance featuring the Kavanagh brothers, the chiseled alpha males whose real legacy is love.

Kane Kavanagh has always had one goal: being the best mixed martial arts fighter alive. With the MMA National Championships in Las Vegas fast approaching, the man they call “Killer” has no intention of letting anyone or anything get in his way. Somehow, though, a feisty opponent has slipped beneath his guard—and stolen his heart. Fiery and passionate, Nora Hannigan is harder to pin down than any rival Kane has faced in the ring. And she isn’t afraid to tell Kane that she wants nothing to do with him.

With her best friend about to marry into the Kavanagh family, Nora has been resisting Kane’s shameless attempts at flirting for months. But after their undeniable chemistry finally takes over, leading to the hottest night of Nora’s life, she’s running scared. There’s a lot about her life Kane doesn’t know, and she won’t be responsible for ending his career. Now Kane’s out to prove that he’s ready for commitment by winning her heart—and he’s never lost a fight.

Preorder Becoming a Legend:
Coming December 13, 2016

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Becoming a Legend_Robinson

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 Don’t forget to grab the first two books in the series (BREAKING A LEGEND, Kane’s oldest brother, Rory, and SAVING A LEGEND, Kane’s twin brother, Kieran) today!

Both books are live and receiving rave reviews!

Kavanagh Legends 3 Book Collage




Forbidden Rockers Series Covers


Sarah Robinson released her first rockstar romance back in 2013, but since then, she’s published a total of 3 all about sexy rockstar Logan Clay. Now two years later, it was time for a brand new cover, series title, and makeover!

Introducing the newly branded

The first book in the series is a prequel called LOGAN’S STORY, all about Logan Clay’s rise to fame before he found himself, or love.

Logans Story - Book 1 - Forbidden Rockers

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And read the synopsis below

Logan Clay has the talent, and he’s put in the time.
All he needs is that one big break,
just one chance to prove he has what it takes to be a rockstar.
But his musical dreams are further away than ever…

And then she walks in to his life,
offering him everything he’s ever wanted – fame, fortune, and music.
There’s no question that he’s going to take the chance,
or that he wants to take her at the same time.

But everything is not what it seems.
Will it be too late when he realizes his one big break
was actually a deal with the devil in a short skirt and neon colored hair?

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA
(Currently available on Amazon only, and free through Kindle Unlimited!)

The second book is HER FORBIDDEN ROCKSTAR, where Logan finally finds love with Caroline and has to figure out how to keep it.

Her Forbidden Rockstar - Book 2 - Forbidden Rockers

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And read the synopsis below

He’s trapped.
She’s the key.

Logan Clay has never met a woman who wasn’t only after the perks his rockstar life could provide, and there are a lot of perks.

Until he meets Caroline Sanders.

Not only does she want for nothing, she doesn’t want anything to do with him, period. He sure as hell wants her, but convincing her to take a chance on him requires risking everything he’s ever worked for.

Including his music.

It’s a chance at a love he never thought he’d have.
And a chance at freedom he’s not sure he deserves.

If only she’d say yes.

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA
(currently only available on Amazon, and free on Kindle Unlimited)

The third book is ROCKER CHRISTMAS, a sweet holiday story about building a life together and meeting the family.

Rocker Christmas - Book 3 - Forbidden Rockers

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And read the synopsis below

Famous rockstar Logan Clay is head over heels in love.

After everything he went through to be with Caroline, he knows exactly what we wants from his life. Bringing her home for the holidays to meet his family and old band members is the first step to that future together.

Except that Caroline isn’t as sure as he is… about anything.

Caroline has to impress her boyfriend’s parents, stop her best friend from fighting with the biker band member, and figure out her own future all in time for the holidays.

Christmas with a rockstar brings a whole new kind of caroling.

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA
(Currently only available on Amazon, and free on Kindle Unlimited)

There will be more books in this series eventually following the other band members of Haven, so stay tuned! All 3 novels will go live DECEMBER 11th, 2015 (or sooner!)! Subscribe to her newsletter so you never miss out!

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Huge thank you to the beautiful and talented Author Violet Duke on designing these gorgeous covers! Check out her website, or find her on Facebook!


Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.52.11 AM

Aside from being a Top 10 Barnes & Noble and Amazon Bestseller, Sarah Robinson is a native of the Washington, DC area and has both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in criminal psychology. She is newly married to a local police officer, Justin, who is just as much of an animal rescue enthusiasts as she is. Together, they own a zoo of rescues including everything from mammals to reptiles to marsupials, as well as volunteering and fostering for multiple animal shelters.


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COVER REVEAL! See the cover for the upcoming second book in the Kavanagh Legends series, Saving a Legend!

FINAL Saving a Legend Cover

The second book in the highly buzzed about KAVANAGH LEGENDS series reveals it’s hot, new cover! Coming to you in March 2016, but you can preorder now! The blurb is coming soon as well!

What do you think? !  🙂 

In the follow-up to Breaking a Legend (“equal parts sexy, intense, and emotional”—Rachel Van Dyken), Sarah Robinson goes another round with the brooding Kavanagh brothers: MMA fighters who won’t call it quits in the ring, or in romance.

His family’s gym has produced a roster of mixed martial arts legends, but so far Kieran Kavanagh hasn’t followed in their footsteps. After a brawl lands him in jail, Kieran is assigned to work at a center for at-risk youth. Though given a second chance, Kieran’s simply going through the motions—until he meets one very special kid, Shea Doherty, and falls hard for her very beautiful, very grown-up big sister, Fiona. The trouble is, Kieran’s best opening moves are getting him nowhere fast.

Fiona Doherty has too many responsibilities to fool around, especially now that she has custody of Shea. Sure, she’d love to find a devoted partner. But she won’t jeopardize her sister’s happiness—or risk revealing her tortured past—on a love-’em-and-leave-’em type of guy like Kieran . . . so it’s up to him to prove her wrong. As Fiona spends more time with Kieran, she starts to see a softer side of the reckless warrior. Now she must admit that when it comes to the possibility of real love, well . . . there’s a fighting chance.

Preorder Saving a Legend Now:
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Don’t forget to go read BREAKING A LEGEND (Kavanagh Legends, #1) right now! Available on all retailers! Click here! 


COVER REVEAL! Kavanagh Legends Book 1 is coming…

Breaking a Legend_Robinson-2

You’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting…..

and it’s finally here!

The official cover for the contemporary romance debut of the Kavanagh Legends series, BREAKING A LEGEND, coming September 29,2015 from Penguin Random House’s Loveswept.

Preorder now!
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Perfect for fans of Katy Evans and Monica Murphy, Sarah Robinson’s blistering-hot series debut introduces the Kavanagh brothers—mixed martial arts fighters who work hard, play hard, and love with all their hearts.

As one of the big names at his family’s gym, Legends, MMA star Rory Kavanagh is used to being in the spotlight—until a gruesome leg injury knocks him out of the cage. Rory is left feeling sidelined in more ways than one, battling the inner demons that come with losing the one shot at his dreams. Then Clare walks into his life and gives him a new dream: winning her heart. There aren’t many new faces in Woodlawn these days, but this tough, beautiful stranger makes Rory want to get his life back into fighting shape.

Clare Ivers doesn’t think she’ll be able to tell anyone what really brought her to the close-knit Bronx neighborhood where she just started bartending. But her life’s on pause and her past is catching up fast, try as she might to move on—with new friends, steady work, and a chiseled alpha male trying to get her attention. Even though Rory’s more than a little intense, she can’t deny that her heart beats faster when he looks at her with those soulful silver eyes. Clare thought she was done with love, but Rory might just be man enough to show her she thought wrong.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title. (For 18+ years of age)

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Breaking a Legend (Kavanagh Legends, #1)
 See more about Breaking a Legend here.
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